Our business

Gamiro maintains significant equity positions and plays an operational role in businesses in Energy and Infrastructure, Agriculture and Financial Services sectors.

Our focus on these sectors is motivated by our view of their:

  • High growth potential
  • Strategic importance from a national perspective (positive contribution to GDP, job creation capacity, localisation opportunities)
  • Scope for significant social impact

Commdevco – creating community wealth beyond the life of mine

Commdevco is a special purpose vehicle on a mission to create value for the Richtersveld Community by providing access to the skills and capacity needed to evaluate and unlock opportunities in the non-mining activities in the region.

We work closely with the management of Alexkor and the Richtersveld Communal Property Association as the owners of the land and mining rights. Ours is a multi-tiered approach targeting, in the short term, low hanging opportunities in the mine supply chain that will enhance local economic value through community ownership and local job creation, and in the longer term, identifying new strategic industrial opportunities in the region.

Commdevco also focuses on increasing and aligning suppliers’ CSI spend towards projects that will have a sustainable, positive impact on the community.

Khana Energy – driving development

Khana Energy is the result of a strategic partnership between Red Cap and Gamiro – bringing together the best of local wind development expertise with Gamiro’s capital-raising capability to establish our operation as the preferred local equity partner to international utilities owning and operating independent renewable energy power generation projects.

A major attraction of this sector for Gamiro is the Department of Energy power procurement process which requires that not only should projects generate excellent economic returns for investors but they should, over a 20 year lifecycle, also make significant commitments to the economic development of the disadvantaged rural communities in which these projects are located. Doing well. Doing good.

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Gamiro Consult – rethinking value creation

Gamiro Consult operates in the professional consulting sector and offers services and advice to organisations across South Africa.

Gamiro Consult brings together a stellar group of proven partners, active and specialist within:

  • Strategic and business consulting
  • Corporate and big data analysis and statistical prediction
  • Marketing and digital strategy development and implementation
  • Corporate finance advisory and risk management services

This unique and seamlessly aligned breadth and depth of skills enables a true end to end service which demonstrably multiplies organisational value.

Gamiro Ventures – a value adding strategic BEE partner

Designed to maximise the ownership elements on the B-BBEE scorecard, Gamiro Ventures offers a solution for businesses seeking an active BEE equity partner. Drawing on the capability and capacity in Gamiro Consult, we are well positioned to:

  • Make an impact on all the value drivers in our investee companies
  • Attract and retain Black executive talent through our innovative incentivisation models
  • Provide appropriately skilled representation on the Boards and Committees of our investee companies.

Early stage ventures into new products and markets, with appropriately skilled strategic equity partners, are also incubated here.

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